What Others Say…

It’s important to us that the homeowners we work with have a great experience with us.  In the end, we’re not happy if we’re not able to provide you with the solution you want.  So, check out what others have said about us. Here’s just a few snippets of what other people we’ve worked with have said.

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Greenville Homebuyers came along during a difficult time in my family’s life. We were trying to grieve, clean out our parent’s home and shuffle ongoing debt left behind. Alden was very upfront and professional. Everything was handled from start to finish by their staff with no money out of pocket from me. I would definitely recommend Greenville Homebuyers.



Tracy Shelton

Greenville Home Buyers made the selling/buying of a property that I owned very easy and quick. They kept me informed of everything that was going on or if I needed to do anything on my end.


Anonymous review by Greenville Home Buyers Client

Alden Simpson Purchased my Mothers House and we were very pleased with everything, they were all very nice and I would recomend him to anyone.

Margaret Brown

I put my house up for sale with Greenville home buyers.com and I waa really impressed with the smooth way that it was handled I got my asking price I was really glad that I made the call to Greenville homebuyers.com and got aquick respond back. I will use them for any home I have to sell it was quick fast and in a hurry with no hassle.

I loved it. They are very honest and very helpful. I was very impressed with the sale and the manner it was handle. I love how it was fast and got the job done. I highly recommend them

Norma Emory

Greenville Home Buyers helped me get out of a rough loan on a house my parents previously owned. They do a great job!

Walter McDaniel

When my husband passed away in April, after setting with a empty house. I decided that I would go back to my home town so after I closed my house down I received a letter and after thanking about how I could bless someone with my house so I contacted Alden by phone he was really good to help me with the steps into selling my house I was very pleased with the results I received and how fast it was to sell my home I will give the best recommendation to Greenville home buyers Alden you and your staff are a blessing thank you.

Leah Nelms

I want to thank Greenville Home Buyers for your professional and courteous staff. When you purchased a house I owned you made an offer I could not refuse. I didn’t have to do anything. All I had to do was show up at the attorney’s office, sign the papers and receive payment for my house. Everything was done quickly and with no hassle. Thank you, Greenville Home Buyers!

Betty Edmond

We had a rental property in Williamson, SC that was to far away to keep up with. I offered our property to Alden Simpson with Greenville Home Buyers. After agreeing on the price we closed within 3 weeks.

Hans Hirschburger, Greenville, SC

Alden purchased my Aunt’s house. The house was in pretty bad shape. We got an offer within 24 hrs. We even got more than we thought. The closing was easy and hassle free. They are a great company to deal with.

Patti Hopkins, Taylors, SC

I have recently gone through a divorce and needed to sell my house fast. I contacted Alden with Greenville Home Buyers. He viewed my property, and I had an offer from him within 48 hours . We agreed on a price and closed within 30 days without high realtor cost. Once closed Alden gave me ample time to move my belongings out of the house. All in all my experience with Alden and his staff at Greenville Home Buyers was very pleasant. Thanks again Alden.


Steve Wilkie,  Anderson, SC