What To Do If A Traditional Listing Isn’t Working For You in Greenville

What To Do If A Traditional Listing Isn't Working For You in Greenville

Having your house sit on the market, without any signs of a buyer can feel overwhelming and frustrating. Even more frustrating is spending all your free time preparing for an open house, and still not selling. What agents don’t tell you is that the open house is not in the benefit of the seller but actually the agent, it allows them to network and advertises themselves. Seems unfair for the seller to go through so much hassle for an event that is not even in their benefit. The listing process isn’t always easy. In our latest post, we will discuss what to do if a traditional listing isn’t working for you and you would like an alternative solution!

To be blunt, houses don’t always sell when they are listed on the MLS. A lot of time and money can be lost while the house sits on the market. While the house sits it’s still the owner’s responsibility to pay the mortgage, insurance, and maintenance. However, there are things you can do to avoid wasting your time with an unwanted property. Keep reading to learn more about what to do if a traditional listing isn’t working for you in Greenville.

Sell Your House Directly

More and more sellers are working with professional home buyers to quickly and easily sell their homes. When you work with a professional home buyer such as Greenville Home Buyers, you can rest assured you will be treated with honesty and fairness. The process of selling is typically pretty simple. We will make you an offer, you decide if it’s right for you, and that’s it!  Our offers are obligation free and our offer has to benefit the seller if selling your house does not benefit you then don’t sell your house. Not all homebuyers are the same, but when you work with Greenville Home Buyers you won’t have to worry about any hassle or pressure to sell. A direct sale has become an increasingly popular way to sell. You are in control, closing on the day that is the most convenient for you. With a direct sale, you will have a guaranteed sale date and price from the very beginning. This kind of peace-of-mind cannot be found with a listing.

Take Matters Into Your Own Hands

You can try to sell the property on your own. You will need to research recent sales to ensure you are pricing the house correctly. Selling your house without an agent is not as simple as it may seem. If you incorrectly price your house it could end up sitting on the market for too long and could end up costing you more money. You will have to consider marketing and the associated costs. There is signage, printing, listing websites, open house needs and more. The expenses can add up. But if you lay your card right, you will be able to sell your house on your own without having to pay any agent commissions.

Rent The Property

If a traditional listing isn’t working for you, you can always attempt to rent out the house in the meantime. You can hold back for 6 months or a year than try to sell the property again when there are new buyers looking for a house. This isn’t ideal unless you are ready to play the role of the landlord. Being a landlord can add a lot of work you might not have been expecting. From making repairs, screening tenants, collecting rent and handling evictions, many landlords find owning a rental property can quickly turn into a part-time job.

Find A New Agent And Try Again

How to find a trustworthy Home Buying companyOnce you have been through the listing process once without any luck, you might not feel too eager to do it again. However, keep in mind, not all agents are the same. You might have an entirely new experience on your second go-around. Before hiring another agent, ask around for recommendations. Read reviews and even ask to speak to past clients before you sign a listing agreement. Another great way to find a good agent is to google them, check out their reviews with other clients. Social media is a great place to find agents with real reviews from past clients.

If you haven’t had luck listing your property the traditional way, get in touch with Greenville Home Buyers today to find out what we can do for you! There is never any obligation or hassle. Explore your options before trying to sell your Greenville house again!

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